Finding orphaned "put"

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun May 5 19:53:57 EDT 2013

I agree it's not been hyped (or praised) as much as it deserves.

But, it's also not as good as it should have been :-(

Having had the great idea of keeping this info, someone should have said

    "let's keep that info for *every* line (actually, every section) of 
output in the msg box"

and then have the "target" button take you to the line number in the 
script for any specified line.
(And in fact, why not keep the whole executioncontexts, and the 
millisecs, for every bit of output with some way to access it all when 
needed ??)

I personally don't use it (yet?), because I *never* use orphaned "put"s, 
I always use my own library handler(s) that gather output, show it in 
the msg box or log it in a file or show it in a field or discard it .... 
depending on the environment and on my own settings.

Upgrading my handlers to include some or all of the executioncontexts 
info is definitely on my to-do list ....
    ... and tidying up these handlers to the point I could release them 
somewhere is too, but somewhat lower in priority).

-- Alex.

On 05/05/2013 02:55, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Jerry-
> Saturday, May 4, 2013, 6:40:52 PM, you wrote:
>> SWEET! That got me to download 6.
> It's a very cool feature, and one that I don't think has been hyped
> enough.

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