Finding orphaned "put"

Scott Rossi scott at
Sat May 4 19:29:30 EDT 2013

Here's a script I use that answers the offending line(s) of script with
line numbers:

on mouseUp
  put script of <object> into S
  put empty into temp
  put 1 into N
  repeat for each line L in S
    if "put" is in L and ("into" is not in L and "after" is not in L and
"before" is not in L) then
      put "Line" && N & cr & L & cr & cr after temp
    end if
    add 1 to N
  end repeat
  if temp is empty then
    answer "All clear!"
  else answer temp
end mouseUp


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 5/4/13 1:05 PM, "william humphrey" <bill at> wrote:

>I remember reading somewhere that version 6.0 or maybe GLX2 script editor
>has a way to find an orphaned "put".  Anybody have any suggestions? If I
>search for every "put" in my 6500 lines of code it will take a while and
>eyes will go blurry reading each one to check if it is putting to the
>message box or not. Maybe there would be a way to "turn off" having a PUT
>go right to the message box unless you say "put variable in the message
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