How is this in the app store

Colin Holgate coiin at
Fri May 3 10:13:47 EDT 2013

This is not quite true, too! The reviewer can try anything in the app, including the areas that happen to download online files. If they find that a feature doesn't work when in airplane mode, and you haven't required permanent Internet as part of the needs for the app, you would get rejected.

You could choose to only enable certain features to be available after the date that you expect the app to be in the store, but that is true even when you're using embedded features. If after approval you then reveal a new feature, and users complain about that new feature, you would get pulled from the store.

So, Adobe's solution could well be handy at times, and doesn't introduce any risks that are not already there for embedded content.

On May 3, 2013, at 10:01 AM, Mark Wilcox <m_p_wilcox at> wrote:

> >Adobe's solution has the same security hole, in that you have a whole bunch of code included that was not testable at review time.

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