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Hi Alex,
enclosed you will find the file that you MUST add to your stack 
(Standalone Application Settings -> Copy Files - > Add File) and ... the 
Kindle Fire is ok :-)


On 5/3/13 00:59 AM, Alex Tweedly wrote:
> I'm just starting to play with Mobile builds - so this could be the 
> first of a series of dumb questions :-)
> I build a stack (one button, one field, no script at all), and build 
> for Android (following the instructions from Colin's book).
> The "Initial orientation" is set to "portrait".
> I can't get any Virtual Devices to run - but I can download and test 
> on my Kindle Fire.
>  - builds, loads and runs (i.e. does nothing :-) OK
> Rotating the device does nothing (i.e. the button/field) remain fixed 
> relative to the device, and hence they also become sideways / 
> upside-down / sideways again / OK again.
> If I then add
> on preopencard
>    mobileSetAllowedOrientations "portrait,portrait upside 
> down,landscape left,landscape right"
> end preopencard
> to the card script, then rotating the device causes the button/field 
> to re-orient themselves relative to the device, i.e. so that they are 
> in constant "proper" orientation. BUT - in landscape mode, the 
> button/field are upside down ! They're OK (i.e. right way up) in 
> portrait and "portrait upside down" states, but in landscape the 
> controls (and the status bar which shows the Kindle name + time + 
> wifi/battery status) are upside down.
> What should I do ?
> Could someone donate a working, multi-orientation stack so I can test 
> it (just in case it's something about Kindle Fire, or even some 
> specific fault with my particular Kindle Fire device) ?
> Thanks for any suggestions ...
> -- Alex.
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