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Remember also that "portrait upside down" and "landscape left" are not
supported on Android 2.2 or earlier. This might account for the upside down
thing. Flip it the other way in the emulator and it might just work.

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I'm just starting to play with Mobile builds - so this could be the first of
a series of dumb questions :-)

I build a stack (one button, one field, no script at all), and build for
Android (following the instructions from Colin's book).
The "Initial orientation" is set to "portrait".
I can't get any Virtual Devices to run - but I can download and test on my
Kindle Fire.

  - builds, loads and runs (i.e. does nothing :-) OK Rotating the device
does nothing (i.e. the button/field) remain fixed relative to the device,
and hence they also become sideways / upside-down / sideways again / OK

If I then add
on preopencard
    mobileSetAllowedOrientations "portrait,portrait upside down,landscape
left,landscape right"
end preopencard

to the card script, then rotating the device causes the button/field to
re-orient themselves relative to the device, i.e. so that they are in
constant "proper" orientation. BUT - in landscape mode, the button/field are
upside down ! They're OK (i.e. right way up) in portrait and "portrait
upside down" states, but in landscape the controls (and the status bar which
shows the Kindle name + time + wifi/battery status) are upside down.

What should I do ?
Could someone donate a working, multi-orientation stack so I can test it
(just in case it's something about Kindle Fire, or even some specific fault
with my particular Kindle Fire device) ?

Thanks for any suggestions ...
-- Alex.

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