What could be better ? [Was: Password protection in non-commercial 6.0.1]

Jacques Hausser jacques.hausser at unil.ch
Thu May 2 17:02:37 EDT 2013

I'm reading a lot on this list - and I'm seldom writing. Usually merely because it's too late, and somebody else has already answered better than I could do.
I must say that I'm - more than slightly - surprised by some of the complaints I'm reading about the new "way of life" RunRev is offering to us, and to everybody else around. Just think about it: it's fantastically souple and adaptable to most of the wishes and dreams everybody can imagine. It was remarkably well worked out, and if they are some risks, they are taken by the company - not by their customers. And even in the unlikely prospect that RunRev would ultimately suffer (financially speaking) from the situation they have created, LiveCode itself shall survive, because it is now a personal concern for plenty of gallant and honest code writers around the world.
I'm myself technically unable to contribute significantly to the development of the "next generation LiveCode" - barely spotting here and there a bug not yet noticed. But I have nevertheless the feeling to be part of a fantastic adventure in a community which became an important part of my life.
Well. I enjoyed this evening some excellent single malt offered by a friendly neighbor. LiveCode is not the only good product of Scotland - but it is certainly one of the best ones !


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