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Wed May 1 19:05:58 EDT 2013

setting aside the question of code, it's not quite what you're saying, and
it doesn't work the way rev does.

1. I installed their player app on my iPhone and hooked it up with my
account on their site.
2. On my mac, in a web browser on their site, I created a new project.
3. Specified that it was for iPhone.
4. Configured everything. No code, but many interesting features. I chose a
template this time, and I was absolutely able to create a credible
restaurant application: pictures of food, a menu with links to individual
descriptions and prices, a map, phone and email links, social media links,
5. Every few seconds the IDE said that it had saved the app.
6. On my iPhone, open their app. It lists the "apps" I've created in the
IDE on my Mac.
7. Open the "app" I just created.
8. I'm browsing through my restaurant's application on my iPhone.
9-??? submit to the app store.

No signing, no keys, no hassle, five minutes, tops, from "I want to make an
app" to "Look, there's my app running on my iPhone."

No code is a dealbreaker, obviously, but still, this is pretty magical tech.


On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 4:29 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>wrote:

> On 5/1/13 3:34 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:
>> This is an iOS tool. It makes it *totally* simple. I literally went to
>> their web site, initiated an app, created a few screens with minor
>> interaction, installed their runtime iOS app, and was reviewing my app on
>> my iPhone two minutes later (had to sign up by email etc.) But I think I
>> answered my question at the same time: there is no code.
>> None. At. All.
>> I don't know how this is in any way useful, slick as it is. Maybe they're
>> planning to add code. But for now, just to give one example, you can have
>> a
>> scrolling list, but the data in that list comes from the configuration you
>> give it when you design it. You can't even specify a data source, you
>> literally need to configure it in the dev environment.
>> If they don't change that, I don't know how this is useful. If they do, I
>> don't know how Apple won't kill this.
> I didn't get very far because you can't go past their front page without
> signing up, and that page doesn't give any info. But the picture looks like
> it's a tool for the Mac that creates iOS apps. So what I meant was, it
> isn't creating code on an iPhone, it's creating code on a Mac and then
> installing it on an iPhone just like we do.
> Only...there's no code apparently so it's all moot. How odd.
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