Password protection in non-commercial 6.0.1

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 1 18:36:14 EDT 2013

Timothy Miller wrote:
 > Is LiveCode turning its back on users like me?

Not at all.

All previous versions of LiveCode were commercial versions, and all 
those features and more are available in v6.0 of the Commercial Edition. 
  Nothing's changed there.

The Community Edition is what's new, a version of LiveCode available 
under the GPL for those who wish to also distribute their works under 
the GPL.

Since the GPL requires sharing source, script encryption is logically 
incompatible with any GPL-governed work.

If sharing your source code is one of your project's goals, the 
Community Edition is a great new option.

And if you need to keep your code proprietary you can still use the 
Commercial Edition under its proprietary license, just as we always have.

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