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Wed May 1 17:29:51 EDT 2013

On 5/1/13 3:34 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:
> This is an iOS tool. It makes it *totally* simple. I literally went to
> their web site, initiated an app, created a few screens with minor
> interaction, installed their runtime iOS app, and was reviewing my app on
> my iPhone two minutes later (had to sign up by email etc.) But I think I
> answered my question at the same time: there is no code.
> None. At. All.
> I don't know how this is in any way useful, slick as it is. Maybe they're
> planning to add code. But for now, just to give one example, you can have a
> scrolling list, but the data in that list comes from the configuration you
> give it when you design it. You can't even specify a data source, you
> literally need to configure it in the dev environment.
> If they don't change that, I don't know how this is useful. If they do, I
> don't know how Apple won't kill this.

I didn't get very far because you can't go past their front page without 
signing up, and that page doesn't give any info. But the picture looks 
like it's a tool for the Mac that creates iOS apps. So what I meant was, 
it isn't creating code on an iPhone, it's creating code on a Mac and 
then installing it on an iPhone just like we do.

Only...there's no code apparently so it's all moot. How odd.

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