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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed May 1 05:32:53 EDT 2013

About 9 years ago I took a Master's degree in something that was
described as "Computers and IT", and when I enrolled I was
informed that while the college used only Windows 2000, all the
programming techniques we learnt would be valid cross-platform.

I later found out that out of 5 "programming" lecturers, 5 of them
didn't know what Linux was, and 4 thought that Mac OS was a sort of
"plastic bathtoy" for computers and nobody did any "real" programming
with it. The only person who knew anything had been downgraded to a
"rude mechanical" when the Tech had been converted into a "University",
but he had been told that he was not meant to discuss things like UNIX
with students as that was a precondition of the funding for the
'Microsoft Professor', popularly known amongst the rude mechanicals
as "Bent Bob", as he was really just a fancy sort of Microsoft Commercial.

The 'programming' component of an M.Sc. consisted of doing the same sort
of thing with MS Visual Basic 5 that I had done with MiniFortran in 1976/7.

I had great fun antagonising the lecturers by duplicating every exercise we
had using VB5 with LC/RR 2.0.1, and rubbing their faces in the fact 
that, on the
whole, everything in LC/RR could be programmed much more efficiently.

I did all my Thesis with LC/RR.

At the end of the course we parted with expressions of sorrow and 
heartfelt loss
on both sides - NOT.

But, I digress . . .

The ONLY thing I remember of some interest was how, with VB5 one could open
up whatever the equivalent of the scriptEditor was called and see ALL 
the scripts
of ALL the OBJECTS listed sequentially.

On the whole this was not as good as the LC/RR way of doing things, 
where one
examines the script of each object in a scriptEditor window of its own.

HOWEVER, if one wanted to search through the stack's complete code, say
for a search-&-replace, a scriptEditor that displayed 'everything' at once
would be quite useful.

On Macintosh I have, once or twice, opened a stack using TextWrangler, and
used that in the same sort of way to the VB5 scriptEditor. However, as 
it does not
colorize or indent code it is a bit of a fudge.


Of course (!!!!) it might be that I'm even more goofy that I thought I was,
and have missed some aspect of LC that allows one to view the whole code
of one's stack all at once; but I doubt it.


Does anyone know how/if this sort of thing can be done from within Livecode?


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