Blocking COPY ?

Paul Hibbert lc at
Sun Mar 31 16:26:27 EDT 2013


This works for Cmd+C & Cmd+X if you add a menubar to Mac OS X…

--The following menuPick handler was generated by the Menu Builder.
on menuPick pWhich
   switch pWhich
      case "Cut"
         answer "nice try, chum"
      case "Copy"
         answer "nice try, chum"
      case "Paste"
         --Insert script for Paste menu item here
      case "Clear"
         --Insert script for Clear menu item here
      case "Preferences"
         --Insert script for Preferences menu item here
   end switch
end menuPick


On 2013-03-31, at 1:07 PM, Richmond wrote:

> I really am getting tired of continually commenting out 25 copy commands in 25 objects
> for Demo versions of my stuff, and wonder if there is not a way to block the copy command
> globally with a single stack script rather like this:
> on copy
>   don't
> end copy
> ----------------
> I am aware one can do this:
> on copyKey
>  answer "nice try, chum"
>   pass copyKey
> end copyKey
> although, on Macintosh it does not stop command-C working!  and the answer dialog doesn't appear!
> Richmond.
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