Back Arrow

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Mar 31 10:34:23 EDT 2013

In Unicode textField the back arrow won't send the cursor back (i.e. 
leftwards) where a character
has a subscripted character: that is to say, one character followed by 
another that is offset to appear
below rather than after the preceding one.

Is it just me, or what with font substitution in Windows and the back 
arrow thing, something
is not quite right?

I tried this:

on rawKeyDown RAWK
set the useUnicode to true
switch RAWK
case 65361
   set the unicodeText of the selectedText to numToChar(65361)
pass rawKeyDown
end switch
end rawKeyDown

and on pressing the back arrow a 'q' appears in a daft place in the text 
.  .  . very jolly!


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