Challenge: how to set the text of a field

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Mar 30 18:50:24 EDT 2013

On 3/30/13 5:54 AM, David Bovill wrote:
> Tried everything I can think of call, send, value, even the
> executioncontexts - there is simply no way you can code this in the script
> of the background (or the groups behavior). makes no difference if it is
> just a shared group or a background. It comes down to the target always
> referencing the current card instead of the card you are actively targeting
> in the script (as in grp 1 of card 3) - that is except of course there is
> no shared group on the current card in which case is does what yo would
> expect and the target actually targets the "grp 1 of card 3"
> Since everything uses this there is no way for a handler to know it was
> called using the form "put the card_Number of grp 1 of card 3" rather than
> "put the card_Number of grp 1 of card 2" - and so no way for it to return
> the text of the group on that card or the hilite of a button on that card -
> none, zero.

Sounds like an enhancement request to me. Since there's a focus right 
now on supporting custom controls, your timing is probably good.

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