Xcode debugging session

Thierry Douez th.douez at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 04:52:36 EDT 2013


I'm currently finishing an external which works allright except on one
computer so far.

During a debug session with Xcode, I sometimes get this error:

2013-03-19 15:43:25.453 LiveCode[733:c03] CFURLCreateWithString was passed
this invalid URL string:
'/System/Library/CoreServices/CommonCocoaPanels.bundle' (a file system path
instead of an URL string). The URL created will not work with most file URL
functions. CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPath or
CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPathRelativeToBase should be used instead.

The problem is that my external doesn't call anything from LiveCode.
It just read a variable, do some calculations and write back to the same

When this happens, all my datas before and after calling the external are

The external is pure C, sanding box, using no library.

This error arises with LC 4.5, LC 5.5.4 and LC 5.5.3 on MacOsX 10.7.5

I've asked to runrev support and they just send me back here!

So, any hints or direction would be much appreciated.



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