BorderColor of an image

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Mar 27 00:13:50 EDT 2013

On 03/27/2013 03:21 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:
> Well it worked so at least the dictionary is right!  I ended setting the
> borderColor of the stack since setting it for the card gave my card a blue
> border which I didn't want.
> Seems a really odd way of doing things since it could give a colored border
> to lots of things you don't want it on and you'd have to plough thru them
> all specifically setting their border to what it used to be.  Fortunately,
> I didn't have to do that.
> Roger, I didn't use your method since it got a little complicated for my
> circumstance but I'll remember it for future use.
> Pete
> lcSQL Software <>

This is an old chestnut that keeps raising its hoary head, and is a 
right pain in the backside.

I cannot set the borders of two objects on one card to 2 different colours!

Why does that seem strangely limiting?

Because of all the myriad other wonderful things one can do with 
LIvecode, I suppose.


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