Nested array comparisons

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Mar 25 13:22:00 EDT 2013

On 25/03/2013 13:47, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> PS: Alex, I appreciate the code you post on this list, but why do you 
> always post code with each line preceded by ">"?  Makes it more 
> difficult to strip out the ">" to run the code.
Aaaah - the joys of "almost standards" in email :-(

I get the text in there by Copy-ing it from the IDE editor, and then 
"Past as quotation" in my email client (Thunderbird), which gives me the 
text, unformatted, unwrapped (I think) and with a thin left margin line 
to indicate it is a block. If I then send the mail, receive it again and 
then copy/paste from there, the text comes over to the clipboard without 
any extra characters.

So I didn't realize there was a problem when the mail is being read by a 
different mail client; I'll try just "paste without formatting" next 
time and see if that is easier for others to use.

-- Alex.

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