[ANN] LiveCode Super Site

RunRevPlanet runrevplanet at smpcs.server101.com
Mon Mar 25 01:09:34 EDT 2013


A new website dedicated to LiveCode has been launched, the LiveCode 
Super Site.


Right now there is a collection of links to current topics about 
LiveCode. Find links to the latest Use-Livecode mailing list posts, 
Software Overflow questions, and a generous sampling of the official 
LiveCode Forums all in one place. These links are updated hourly too!

With a name like "Super Site" my ambitions are greater than just a bunch 
of feeds, but this is a good way to start.

Why not just use a RSS Reader you ask? Well I could, but this way all 
the latest LiveCode topics are in one convenient place, for everyone.

Scott McDonald

"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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