iOS scroller performance

Charles Warwick charles at
Mon Mar 25 00:32:11 EDT 2013

> I suspect that iOS tweens scrolling. It doesn't get scroll changes
> any more often than LiveCode, but it tweens the values rather than
> jumping to the newly reported value. That can give the illusion that
> it is getting more events, or handling them quicker.

iOS has a "scrollViewDidScroll" message which maps to the LiveCode 
message, but as far as I understand it, iOS does not use this to perform 
the actual moving of content (it is made available to notify the app of 
the scrolling that is taking place).  Rather, the iOS implementation 
puts the content to be scrolled in sub-views that can be buffered and 
scrolled smoothly.  LiveCode's implementation of the iOS scroller 
doesn't use these sub-views (everything is on one view), so can only 
work off the messages being triggered.  My understanding is that iOS 
doesn't guarantee to trigger these messages at every point change, so 
that is why we don't get the smooth movement.

I coded a quick iOS external that allows you to call the 
setContentOffset iOS method of the iOS scroller that is created by 
LiveCode.  This method allows you to animate the scrolling to a 
particular offset, but by using the native iOS commands.  While it did 
trigger a series of scroll messages and the LiveCode group scrolled, the 
animation was not 100% smooth for the same reason as above.

> Try this as a button script:

I did try a similar script but was stuck with either making the scroll 
too slow, or making it appear jerky.  I am going to have another go at 
it though....

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