Autosave from field?

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at
Sun Mar 24 16:54:33 CDT 2013

*In your openStack script:*
put "10" into tSaveInterval -- assuming minutes
send saveMeCheeses to this stack in (tSaveInterval*60) secs

*In your stack script:*
on saveMeCheeses
  -- gather all your text into a variable
  put tMyText into URL (file:C:/someplace/really/safe/MyFile.txt")
  send saveMeCheeses to me in saveMeCheeses -- this one will keep it
end saveMeCheeses


On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 5:17 PM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at>wrote:

> Merry LibreOffice allows one to set it so that it autosaves a document
> at a set time interval in case your computer goes wonky, or LibreOffice
> crashes.
> And a jolly good idea that is too (even if they pinched it from Microsoft).
> Now I would like to have the same sort of feature in my "next thang"; the
> up-and-coming-and-sweeping-**all-office-suits-before-it
> 'Richmond-Scrubby-Cupboard'
> (well, round these parts that's what passes for an office) made,
> needless to say, entirely in Livecode.
> Obviously, central to my text entry component "Wobbly Word",
> there will have to be a field, and any autosave feature will have to save
> and/or export
> and/or overwrite a rtf and/or html document at regular intervals.
> Now what I don't understand is how to have a script working away 'in the
> background'
> checking the time and autosaving every 2-3 minutes without it interfering
> with
> user-initiated scripts in the foreground or the reverse.
> Richmond.
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