Autosave from field?

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Mar 24 17:17:13 EDT 2013

Merry LibreOffice allows one to set it so that it autosaves a document
at a set time interval in case your computer goes wonky, or LibreOffice

And a jolly good idea that is too (even if they pinched it from Microsoft).

Now I would like to have the same sort of feature in my "next thang"; the
(well, round these parts that's what passes for an office) made,
needless to say, entirely in Livecode.

Obviously, central to my text entry component "Wobbly Word",
there will have to be a field, and any autosave feature will have to 
save and/or export
and/or overwrite a rtf and/or html document at regular intervals.

Now what I don't understand is how to have a script working away 'in the 
checking the time and autosaving every 2-3 minutes without it 
interfering with
user-initiated scripts in the foreground or the reverse.


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