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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Sat Mar 23 12:13:06 CDT 2013

> I think it's common policy for software companies to not 
> openly discuss bugs. Once a bug is confirmed and widespread, 
> of course they have to acknowledge it, but I do not know of 
> any company that openly publishes known bugs except for maybe 
> Blizzard. 

Game companies are a bit different in this regard, especially since buyers
have to "live" with various incompatibilities that don't plague normal
desktop applications like hosted games.

For example - through another company I sell Shade 3D, which is a 3d
modeling, rendering and animation product. It has a free version especially
for game design. On top of issues that normal desktop apps have, you also
have to look at different video drivers, versions of OpenGL (or DirectX),
GPU support, really arcane file format features (COLLADA, FBX, etc). And
then there are all sorts of specific stuff related to obscure features of
game engines. There are way, way more things that can go wrong.

In comparision, Valentina Studio has none of those worries at all. Talking
about bugs in a general sense outside of the confines of Mantis doesn't do
anyone any good. Users can submit bugs to Mantis ans it goes right into
engineering. Not a lot of public discusion needed, just a bit of dialog in
case we can't figure out what's causing the issue.

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