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Hi Ralf,

Am 23.03.2013 um 16:46 schrieb Ralf Bitter <rabit at>:

> Thanks Colin. Actually I asked for a recipe on how to play WMV videos
> on Windows systems with QuickTime installed because of bad playback
> performance of HD quality QuickTime movies. So, if WMV would have worked
> using WMV would have been sort of a compromise. Claude's suggestion is
> a solution, so I can happily set WMV aside as all my footage is MP4 AVC
> anyway. Should have asked for a recipe on how to play high quality video
> on windows with QuickTime installed.
> Anyhow, I find the player object pretty frustrating and one should not
> have to use Flash and revBrowser for a simple thing like playing video.

this won't help, but even on a Mac the QuickTime player object is rather disappointing!

Play a 640*360pixel video fullscreen (on a 24" monitor at 1920*1200) with 
QuickTime Player and you get very smooth playback, do same in Livecode
and you get choppy playback, no fun!

> Thanks
> Ralf



Klaus Major
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