Where did all the color go?

Cal Horner calhorner at xtra.co.nz
Mon Mar 18 19:16:28 EDT 2013

Just to close off this problem.

First, thanks Mark and Jacqueline  for your quick response.

I took your advice and just to be on the safe side and not have this problem
go on forever. I removed all copies of LiveCode from my system then
reinstalled LC 5.5.4..

Hey presto! Everything was all right.

So It must have been the preferences stack.

The only niggling thing is that vague worry about stability. Wouldn't you
think that after reaching version 5.5.4 of a product it would have more

Don't get me wrong. I love the product and I realize that it has a small
customer base and is trying to be all things to all coders. But you know
there always seem to be something that not quite stable enough to make it
into the "big time". 

And as a final thought aren't we, at last, a mature profession?

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