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On Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Mark Talluto
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> On Mar 16, 2013, at 9:52 AM, Dr. Hawkins <dochawk at> wrote:
>> Using someone else's key will also put their name and address on the
>> output, which is only useful for filing with the court . . .
> We used a technique similar to that years ago.  I figured that no respectable doctor would want the
.>practice name of another on their screen.  The deterrent failed
horribly.  We found universities that were
>willing to use pirated software as well as private practices.

This goes a bit farther, though:  the filing attorney's name and
address must be on these pleadings.  The primary license key provided
to the client gets decrypted at runtime with the user's public key.
providing the name and address for the pleadings, as well as
information about expiration date, privilege levels, and

For someone else to use it, he will have to edit the pdfs (or possibly
tamper with the running copy in memory).

Aside from the name information, there are two types of license, one
of which is needed:  either an unlimited one (which also has the
expiration date), or a per-use license, which is keyed to a particular
client name and last 4 of social security number [which must be filed
with the court, anyway].  Either of these is also dependent upon
matching and generating part of the primary license.  (53 bytes per
packet just isn't quite enough, and to avoid mix & match, the second
needs to depend upon the first).

The filed PDF will sometimes end up in front of a federal judge, but
*always* in front of a trustee.  And sometimes creditor attorneys.
The trustee's job is to look for assets, and he gets a commission on
what he collects.  And I offer a huge bounty/contingency fee for any
attorney that finds the violations to file.

> I wrote you on the side about the solution we are using for copy protection. It might have landed in your spam folder.
> You can experience the SpiceKit solution we developed by downloading one of our products and registering it.

Thank yiou, but I very much do not want to wrap this in another
program.  Aside from the additional dependency (and cost) it creates
for me, I still have my own per-license to deal with (and the fact
that the work behind all of these is already done)>

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