serial numbers on standalones

tbodine lvhdgc7 at
Sat Mar 16 13:16:20 EDT 2013

>One of the messages that decrypts at runtime will have the attorney
>name, bar (law license) number, address, and program serial number,
>all of which appear in the output--with the name, and serial number
>actually appearing on the copyright notice on each page of output.

>Using someone else's key will also put their name and address on the
>output, which is only useful for filing with the court . . .

Excellent strategy. The psychological deterrence is at least as important as
the technical implementation.  We use a similar strategy in a presentation
tool to publicly show who is the authorized user of the software.  While not
a perfect defense, it's good enough and does not inconvenience a valid

-- Tom Bodine

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