Using browser control on mobile - can I provide files locally?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Mar 15 07:12:38 EDT 2013

I want to embed a browser control, and have my app act as the web server for 
it.  On mobile, but especially on Android.

Looking at the reference docs, I can see when it is loading a URL, and when 
it's finished; and on iOS I get the opportunity to deny a load request; but I 
can't see a way to intercept a load request and fulfill it myself.

Is this possible?  Is there a workaround?

Or as an alternative approach, can I use LiveCode to build a web server app, 
that would run in the background; and have a separate app (or just a browser) 
pointing at localhost?  Or is this approach defeated by the lack of socket 
support, and/or the inability to make a LiveCode app run in the background?

Any suggestions gratefully received...


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