[ANN] The Scottish Dialect

Curt Ford cford at mailbox.sc.edu
Wed Mar 13 14:20:07 EDT 2013

For several months I've had the pleasure of working with Paul Meier, a leading dialect coach and Professor of Theatre at the University of Kansas, to bring his materials from print & CD onto desktop computers; we've been using LiveCode, naturally.

We've just released The Scottish Dialect, the 7th in a series of 24 books on various dialects and accents, and it's available on his website at www.paulmeier.com. There are also previews of the ePub versions are in the Apple iBookstore. 

If you're headed to Edinburgh in May, this may be the time to brush up on your accent & see if you can pass for a local.. 

Also: a big thanks to Jacque for her help with the registration scheme!


Curt Ford
Sona Software LLC

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