Returns Don't Return?

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Mar 11 21:15:20 EDT 2013

Thanks Mark, will give it a try.
I thought "return" was supposed to be the new universal way to refer to
the platform-appropriate return character but I guess not. Then again, I'm
not even sure this is really a platform related issue.


Scott Rossi
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On 3/11/13 2:11 PM, "Mark Talluto" <userev at> wrote:

>On Mar 6, 2013, at 9:29 PM, Scott Rossi <scott at> wrote:
>> I have a stack that generates a return-delimited list of files in a
>> and writes the list to a simple text file.
>> put theFileList into url ("file:" & dropBoxFolder() & "flist.txt")
>> When I retrieve this file within LiveCode, it ignores the returns and
>> all entries in a single line.  If I open the text file in a text
>>editor, the
>> lines are displayed properly.  I tried resaving the file from the text
>> editor, but LiveCode still ignores the returns unless I explicitly
>> each line by hand in the text editor.
>> I tried using all the return forms: return, cr, crlf, with no
>> Now, if I write the file list using "binfile", LiveCode is then able to
>> the returns correctly.  Why is this?
>Hi Scott,
>I find that to get get reliable CR on all platforms I use LF instead.
>You can also run:  replace numToChar(13) with numToChar(10) in
>This will clean out all the offenders.
>Best regards,
>Mark Talluto
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