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Mon Mar 11 14:21:31 EDT 2013

Did you try quitting LC and reopening? And are you positive there are no other closeStack handlers lurking anywhere?

Craig Newman

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Subject: No closeStack message

A stack that has been working fine has suddenly started misbehaving.

When I close the stack by clicking the close button in the title bar, I do
not get a closeStack message.  I verified this by setting a red-dot debug
break and a breakpoint command at the start of my closeStack message and
also looking at the output from the message watcher.

Another oddity is that, although neither destroystack nor destroywindow are
set, when the stack is closed, it is removed from memory (doesn't appear in
the Application Browser), and any script editor tabs I have open are closed.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

lcSQL Software <>
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