using the internal postgres on OSX

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> Not exactly sure what you are after.

Turning the bloody thing on :)

What worked was

I had found that some time ago.  What was stopping me was an ancient PATH
setting in my .tcshrc.   It turns out that the problem wasmy hard-setting
my path for Darwin (there were also branches for FreeBSD, a couple of linux
variants, and even whatever used to run on Alphas!).

Things moved from Lion to Mountain Lion, and serveradmin and its friends
weren't found any more.  Adjusting my path to ${PATH}":/other/paths/I/Need"
did the trick.

> If you want something to build tables and relationships I've used Navicat
> Premium Essentials for a while (get it from the Mac App Store) and that
> works fine.

I'm largely using it as a random-access "file system" for my application.
I already accomplished it with the internal sqlite, but I want the
networked and clouded options.

And, hurrah, yesterday I successfully got it running on the localnet, with
the db open on two separate machines once!

Now I need to figure out the VPN  . . .

Anyway, I use it for the debtor data for my bankruptcy program. One narrow
table with basic data, and a wide table with debts & assets.   Years ago,
it was two substacks in HyperCard 2 and SuperCard 1.5 . . . with a card per

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