Anyone got any clues on this?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Mar 9 17:58:25 EST 2013

Monte Goulding wrote:

 > On 10/03/2013, at 5:54 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
 >>> It would be quite neat if SO could appear as a member of this list.
 >>> Messages would come in to here with a link to the SO page. It would
 >>> be just as if all of us had subscribed to the SO LiveCode tag.
 >> Now that would be ideal.
 > Not really. The answers will come here and the stackoverflow question
 > will suffer for it.

I'm with you, Monte.

Rather than subscribe other venues where LiveCode is discussed to this 
list (like the forums, Stack Overflow, etc.), I much prefer letting this 
list be what it is and building up answers for Stack Overflow on Stack 

 > I strongly believe that building stackoverflow as a solid resource
 > for LiveCode will be a big benefit for the platform.

Fully agreed, and I very much appreciate the attention you've been 
giving LiveCode there.

It's not a bad UI once you get used to it, and now that the "LiveCode" 
tag is in place (thanks again for making that happen) it's easy to find 
stuff related to our favorite language there.

I look forward to spending more time on Stack Overflow in the coming 
weeks.  It's a nice system.

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