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On 10/03/2013, at 5:54 AM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:

>> It would be quite neat if SO could appear as a member of this list.
>> Messages would come in to here with a link to the SO page. It would
>> be just as if all of us had subscribed to the SO LiveCode tag.
> Now that would be ideal.

Not really. The answers will come here and the stackoverflow question will suffer for it. Look folks I understand this isn't for everyone but if it's not for you then there's a delete button in your email client. Hopefully there will be someone else in the community that will know the answer and be prepared to provide it on stackoverflow.

I do realise that many of us are in a comfy place here on this list (I am myself). I can't stand the forum personally there's too much spam, posts and info seem to be all over the place, search usually brings up unhelpful discussions etc... I'm time poor myself and I really struggle to have much input there so I focus on the iOS forum because it's most likely to have mergExt related questions...

I strongly believe that building stackoverflow as a solid resource for LiveCode will be a big benefit for the platform. Here's an example why:

Someone asked this question

It's tagged android, focus, livecode

Android is obviously a popular tag with over 300k questions. There would be a heap of people subscribing to it and they all just found out about LiveCode

Then I see the twitter service @AndroidAtSO tweeted the question too...

How many people had never heard of LiveCode during the kickstarter campaign and couldn't believe it had been around for 20 years? Maybe there's a reason? Maybe something needs to change? We are whispering in the corner here when we should be shouting at each other across a crowded room so everyone hears.


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