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90 percent of the issues I am trying to search and fix in other programming
languages end up being found on StackOverflow. I am not a big user there,
but it seems that it is quickly becoming the most popular help forum
directed at developers of all kinds. I think the attempt is to get the
development industry at large to notice livecode by making sure there is a
presence there.


On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 9:49 AM, Marek Niesiobedzki <nm at> wrote:

> Hi Monte,
> Maybe I don't understand something, so sorry in that case.
> Please explain in which is StackOverflow better than our forums or
> use-livecode list? Why should we make next place to ask and look for
> answers? I tried to visit StackOverflow links you posted and only
> experience is that StackOverflow service is:
> - ugly,
> - difficult to navigate and find any info
> - full of advertisements
> I prefer, as opposite experience I have, to still use our forums as well
> organised, clear of what is not needed and interesting for visitors.
> Specially the most useful is possibility to quick find unread messages and
> treads. It's my favourite tool to contact with other LC users and I don't
> need anything else. Also searching in old content is quick and effective
> there.
> Little less comfortable in use are raw user lists, but still much better
> than colourful but not readable StackOverflow.
> So if there is not any more reasons than just fashion, I don't want to
> vote or use it. Why to change what is well working if new solution is not
> better?
> Marek
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