Marek Niesiobedzki nm at
Fri Mar 8 10:49:47 EST 2013

Hi Monte,

Maybe I don't understand something, so sorry in that case.

Please explain in which is StackOverflow better than our forums or use-livecode list? Why should we make next place to ask and look for answers? I tried to visit StackOverflow links you posted and only experience is that StackOverflow service is:
- ugly, 
- difficult to navigate and find any info
- full of advertisements

I prefer, as opposite experience I have, to still use our forums as well organised, clear of what is not needed and interesting for visitors. Specially the most useful is possibility to quick find unread messages and treads. It's my favourite tool to contact with other LC users and I don't need anything else. Also searching in old content is quick and effective there.

Little less comfortable in use are raw user lists, but still much better than colourful but not readable StackOverflow. 

So if there is not any more reasons than just fashion, I don't want to vote or use it. Why to change what is well working if new solution is not better?


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