Saving by script takes you to a new dimension

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Mar 8 00:48:29 EST 2013

I have a text file with html strings that I am transferring to fields in 
a stack. One line of text equals one card's field content. A handler 
loops through the text one line at a time, setting the htmltext of a 
background field on every card. The html text is very simple and 
sometimes contains italics, like this:

   This is the <i>text</i> of the field on one card.

After the repeat loop completes, the script issues a "save" command and 
closes the stack.

Now the story goes into the twilight zone...

When I re-open the stack, all the italicized words thoughout have become 
bold. If I put the htmltext of an affected field into the message box, 
it comes out like this:

   This is the <b>text</b> of the field on one card.

There are no bolds anywhere in the text file. There are no "<b>" 
additions anywhere in my script. There are no scripts in the stack that 
alter the field contents.

Now Rod Serling appears...

If I abort the handler right before the "save" command, which leaves the 
stack open, I can page through it and see that all the italics are 
intact. No bolds anywhere. If I then manually save with Cmd-S, the stack 
remains intact and I can open and close it forever and the italics are 
still there.

After trying to track this down for a couple of days, my brain exploded. 
What's different between Cmd-S and a scripted "save this stack"?

LiveCode 5.5.4.

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