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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Mar 7 15:25:58 EST 2013

> Hi Björnke!
> Thanks for responding.  Consider my horses held.
> When I tried BvG Docu on a current version of LiveCode, attempting to generate produced an error "sorry, I couldn't find the '/packaged_xml/dictionary/clumps.index' file.  And indeed, it appears that this file doesn't exist in recent app bundles.
> I then walked back through old version of LiveCode until I found one which did have that file - but when I pointed it at that and said go, nothing happened.  I'm afraid I didn't investigate further (I did try it several times).
> Ben

Ah I see. I guess you are using the deprecated version 1 of BvG Docu, not 2? 

See my site for the current version:

The 1.x versions can't work with LC versions newer then 4.5. The current 2.x versions also have full search capabilities and store the documentation as a sqlite database, which makes it a lot easier to use with your own code, compared to the older "million files" approach.


Use an alternative Dictionary viewer:

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