A proliferation of engines . . . ?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Mar 5 14:10:35 EST 2013

Richmond wrote:
> As at least part of the thrust of the Livecode Kickstarter campaign was
> aimed at the education end of the market what are the chances of having
> the capabilities of building standalones for:
> 1. Linux PPC?
> 1.1. Macintosh PPC? (meaning pre Mac OS 10.3.9)
> 2. RISC OS?
> Let alone versions of Livecode itself to run on these platforms?
> I know these might seem slightly abstruse, but if RunRev cares as much
> as it states that it does about making Livecode ubiquitous, and as there are
> buckets of PPC machines and Archimedes machines 'out there' being
> under-exploited; and Livecode could just be the thing to breathe new life
> into them.

Not likely by itself.

I don't know much about RISC OS, but no consumer computers using PPC 
have been manufactured in almost a decade.  Their numbers are currently 
small, and getting smaller each month.

Cost-conscious orgs still using PPCs can probably see a cost benefit 
migrating to ARM-based systems, which have a low entry cost and 
continual savings from significantly reduced power consumption.  Even an 
Intel Atom will perform on par with many PPCs, and at only 10w.

Ubuntu is still compiled for PPC, but I don't believe Canonical does 
that themselves, that it's a community effort instead.

Likewise, while I wouldn't expect RunRev to return to PPC themselves, 
there would be nothing stopping any interest person from making a PPC 
compile of the latest LC once the source is available.

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