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Mon Mar 4 10:21:45 EST 2013

Thanks Colin for your reply. I think 'destrpyWindow' was false (I've never needed it before, and indeed the description in the Dictionary doesn't really explain how it relates to the other two properties I mentioned and why they don't just override it when a stack is deleted). However, I set it to true, and got the same result as before - the stack continues to return 'true' to the 'exists' function after 'delete' has been executed, and the IDE doesn't do the job any better. To be clear I set destroyWindow to true in the OpenStack handler of the stack that I later try to delete, so this would override any setting made by the engine as it loads the stack.

FINALLY I did something which I hadn't thought would have any influence at all on the outcome - the 'Killer' stack has a reference to the "dataStack" stack in its 'Stack Files' list: I added this to make it easier for Killer to find the other stack. When I deleted it and made the 'kill' handler use the full path to the stack it had to delete, bingo, it worked - in my script and in the IDE and in my standalone. I have no idea why and I don't know if it will transfer to my real application, where I don't remember messing with 'Stack Files' at all. I'll see. Meanwhile if anyone can see the logic of this change, please tell me.

Sincere thanks for your interest.


On 4 Mar 2013, at 14:08, Colin Holgate wrote:

> What is destroyWindow set to?
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