[OT] "MacMini" 7-8 years later

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at sealedair.com
Sun Mar 3 18:54:07 EST 2013

On Mar 3, 2013 5:28 PM, "Richard Gaskin" wrote:
> Roger Eller wrote:
> > I really wish that Apple would at least allow an open source
> > fork of OS X so people can choose their own hardware.
> A few years ago I discovered that there are more hardware options in the
world than just six models. ;)

Wink acknowledged, but...  OS X "Community Edition" <wink> has identified
exactly what works, and what doesn't.  An open edition from Apple could
clearly state that the hardware must be in the list of validated equipment.
Otherwise, they community must create additional drivers (kexts), as they
are currently doing.

> Thankfully Linux is more than up to the task, with as many options
available for how you like your OS as there are to fit your specific
hardware preferences.

The missing task on Linux, for me at least, is Netflix. iGotta have it!  :-)

> Speaking of hardware, I have great respect for Intel but their list price
for their NUC is way too high - NewEgg sell's em for less, and they also
have a wide range of other case and CPU combos on their mini-barebones
> <

Sadly, most of the alternative mini hardware options wouldn't make the cut
on the compatibility list. Apple's use of Intel i3, i5, i7 cpu's is really
a major part of the modern hackintosh. The key is to use what Apple uses,
and it 'just works'.

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