Two Windows

David Epstein dfepstein at
Sun Mar 3 08:42:13 EST 2013

I think Tim Miller is right to think that opening two copies of  
LiveCode will not help him edit the same stack in two windows, as  
each will not know about the changes in the other until saved to disk  
and reopened, and two very different versions are likely to result-- 
unless all changes are immediately saved and the other window's stack  
is reopened.

I would suggest rather creating a second stack (perhaps a substack)  
used as a secondary window, to which the content of individual cards  
could be copied as needed.  Write their changes back to the main  
stack before you "navigate" to another card in the secondary window  
by copying new content there.  You'll need to either prevent or  
handle the special case where one card is open in both windows at  
once (you can handle it by, e.g., using a closeField handler or a  
keyDown handler in stack 1 to change the content of field 1 of stack  
2 whenever field 1 of stack 1 is edited).

David Epstein

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