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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Mar 3 04:35:59 EST 2013

On 03/03/2013 11:11 AM, Monte Goulding wrote:
> On 03/03/2013, at 11:22 AM, Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at> wrote:
>> Do we also refer to it as LCIi?

Hey, I've got a Macintosh LC475 in my attic in Scotland; maybe the ghost 
of Steve will 'do' RunRev through
the courts.

> I only said I imagine not all the rest y'all imagine.... Make up your own name for your own fork ;-)

That's going to make things 'forking' confusing.

It will end up like names for Karate styles . . .

The other thing that does occur to me is whether Monte's fork having 
some really fantastic features and Jacque's fork
having some different fantastic features will cause me to have a nervous 
breakdown because I am unable to choose
between them, or, like a shop with a really revolting name  just round 
the corner here in Plovdiv, called "Accessorize", one can
cherry pick from different 'forks', 'distros' (ha,ha,ha; now there's a 
word to conjure with) the features one most likes.

Just for the sake of argument: my second PC is currently running Ubuntu 
12.04 with the 'Pantheon' window manager
and the 'Avant Window Manager' dock. That set up did not come out of one 
box, but got cobbled together by me.


Perhaps the answer is going to depend on where the mods in each fork lie 
. . .

Obviously if they lie in the GUI they can be swapped around,

If they are in that mysterious collection of stacks staring with 'rev' 
they can be swapped around, albeit with less impunity that
plain GUI ones,

And mods to the engine????? Probably no chance of mixing-and-matching there.


Certainly if there really are going to be 108 forks (and forks of forks);

Big fleas have little fleas,
Upon their backs to bite 'em,
And little fleas have lesser fleas,
and so, ad infinitum.

a coherent and comprehensible naming convention will have to be 
established, otherwise nobody will stand a chance.

I don't think "Livecode Richmond out of Jacque out of Klaus out of Monte 
out of Edinburgh" is going to help much.

"Adam begat CAIN who begat ENOCH who begat IRAD who begat MEHUJAEL who 
begat METHUSAEL who begat LAMECH"

I remember asking my Primary school teacher what that all meant and she 
went bright red, because, poor dear, she hadn't a clue.
Although I am the father of 2 boys (whoops, young men), I still don't 
understand how those Old Testament types did "it"
with not a woman in sight . . . LOL.  Probably the answer lies hidden in 
that unusual verb.

> --
> Monte Goulding
> M E R Goulding - software development services
> mergExt - There's an external for that!

Probably not anymore - all those externals will get rolled into the 'stew'.

And that is also a potential pitfall; so many ingredients in the stew 
that the whole thing is completely tasteless
and just one great big, ugly mush.


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