Two Windows

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sat Mar 2 14:29:31 EST 2013


When working on a long and complex document with a word processor, I sometimes find it useful to display the same document in two windows, simultaneously. I can cut and paste from one window to the other, or read one part of the document while typing in another, and so on.

Now I have this large LC stack, mostly text, with about 2000 cards. It might be convenient to have two windows open, both displaying the same stack, so I could read one card, while typing in another, or cut from one card and paste into another without navigating back and forth in the usual way.

I suppose there is a way to do this. Can I have a hint, please?

Tim Miller

P.S. I, too, am delighted about the Kickstarter success, and did what I could to help it along.

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