Android Nexus 7 and screen resolutions

David Bovill david at
Fri Mar 1 03:54:40 EST 2013

Started developing an app for the Nexus 7 - and it's taking a while
figuring out the effective screen resolution - wandering if there are any
pointers, as Google has not been my friend.

The starting point is that the full screen size is 1280 x 800 - but then
there is the status bar and those "on screen buttons" - I've made a few
guesses, but was just wandering the best way of figuring this out - is
there a place in the Android docs that gives us the dimensions of these
things (I guess they can change depending on the Android version?).

I'm goin to try and see if "the working screenrect" or similar can actually
give me something useful on the physical device?

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