[ANN] Start of a date handling library

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Sat Jun 29 15:13:44 EDT 2013

Hi Francis,

thanks for the feedback.

> In your date library, we see a reference to :
>             libDate_EnglishDate
> which for today gave 06/30/13.

This is in line with what the engine returns for

put the english date

If you are looking at the code, I am getting the date formatting directly from the engine. The whole purpose of the lib is to avoid the convert command, as this will not be able to take any dates before Jan 1st 1970 and will get confused after 2035 (the century cutoff) for 2 digit dates.

> There is also a function error in :
>     libDate_AbbrevSystemWeekdayName
> of which there are two examples, one works, the other
> one blows !. This has already been pointed out.

Yes. This was an oversight. Originally I wanted to call the function libDateCalendarWeek. However later on I found that to be ambigous, as the week I was after was the ISO 8601 one instead of the "american" calendar week.

I shall be adding more stuff to the library, so all feedback is much appreciated.

All the best,


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