[ANN] Start of a date handling library

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Fri Jun 28 18:46:08 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I was recently asking for a dateWidget that can handle dates before 1970 on windows. I was pointed to /hs fine work, however that is not compatible with the license I need to support. So I started to roll a library to handle those cases where the convert command will not do. I have uploaded the stack to the forums for anyone interested:


Stack is released into the public domain. No strings attached, no warranties.

Looking forward to feedback and maybe contributions if anyone wants to help out. 

There are some quirks in the engine (or in the docs) regarding the dateformat, which I will want to bring up. If any of the C-Gurus has a couple of minutes to discuss with me I would be greatful for some Pointers. 


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