BETA RELEASE: LiveCode 6.1.0 Release Candidate 2

Benjamin Beaumont ben at
Thu Jun 27 11:15:18 EDT 2013

LiveCode 6.1.0-rc-2 is now available.

This release contains the following changes:

   - Images with filenames that look like URLs can cause slowdown.
   - ASCII string check
   - UUID Generation
   - Improved properties Property
   - Additional statistical functions
   - Activation removed in Community edition
   - The cardIds of group
   - The childControlNames and childControlIds of group
   - the effective visible
   - Chained Behaviors
   - iOS Remote Control Support
   - Locking Group Updates
   - Random Number Generation
   - Getting the Page Ranges of a Field
      - 16 bug fixes: 10991 - If a memory warning is received whilst
      acceleratedRendering mode is enabled, a crash can occur on iOS.
      - 10990 - Memory leak when using acceleratedRendering on iOS in
      certain cases.
      - 10986 - 'select before/after field ...' selects the field object,
      rather than the text in the field.
      - 10982 - RevDB doesn't work with LiveCode server on Mac
      - 10914 - PIE binaries are now built for ARMv7+ meaning the 'Non-PIE
      Binary' warning from iTunes Connect should no longer occur.
      - 10976 - Ungrouping objects can result in their id's changing.
      - 10975 - Image objects don't properly resolve filenames to be
      absolute before searching the cache.
      - 10974 - Instability in acceleratedRendering caused in specific
      circumstances when a static layer moves just above a dynamic layer.
      - 10967 - Import snapshot on 16-bit displays on Windows causes a
      blank image to be produced.
      - 10966 - Fetching properties of function expressions now works
      correctly (e.g. the name of controlAtLoc(the mouseLoc)).
      - 10961 - Passing script locals as parameters to external functions
      doesn't work correctly in behaviors.
      - 10960 - Getting 'the lockUpdates of ' now works correctly.
      - 10950 - 'is a color' now checks the input string more carefully, in
      particular it doesn't allow trailing characters, or more than 3 items.
      - 10945 - mobileControls() returns deleted controls in the list
      - 10926 - 'filter' does not honour the lineDelimiter property.
      - 10863 - Group command doesn't throw an error when attempting to
      group a shared group.

You can get access to this release in 1 of 2 ways:
1) From within the IDE go to the help menu and click "check for updates"
2) Visit and download the RC2
installer for your platform.

Warm regards,

The LiveCode team

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