Where would this code be?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Jun 25 15:26:58 EDT 2013

On 6/25/13 1:54 PM, Mark Rauterkus wrote:
> Hi,
> Woops. Red faced. Sorry.
> The last message was NOT ready for this list as it was just some back and
> forth between a helper, Noah, and myself as he is facing an error that has
> been a hard to resolve.

That's okay, don't be embarrassed. You weren't talking about porn. At 
least, I don't think so. :)

I looked at the error. It looks like a bad filename of an image, and 
might be stored in a custom property or somewhere else. Try using the 
Search and Replace tool (Edit menu) and search for that file name, or 
any distinctive part of the string, in both "custom" and "other". That 
might turn it up.

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