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Mark Wilcox m_p_wilcox at
Mon Jun 24 12:03:01 EDT 2013

>> Another suggestion would be setting the property libUrlSetSSLVerification
>> to false
>> as this may also resolve the issue..

> Another question: does setting libUrlSetSSLVerification to false mean security is turned off completely, or only that the certificate isn't checked?

Not doing SSL Certificate Verification means that the certificate isn't checked, the content is still sent encrypted.  Whether this matters depends on the setup - if you control both the client and server ends then it's not such a big deal, although technically it does leave you vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.  You still have the option of bundling a collection of root certificates with your app (and you can find up to date collections online freely) but that will mean the certificates will not be updated unless your app is, so overtime they will go out of date.  If you're only connecting to your own server that's not much of a problem either - you need to give everyone an update of the app when a certificate in your one certificate chain expires but that's all.  Keeping a general set of certificates for the open web up to date is another matter entirely.


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