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2013/6/22 Thierry Douez <th.douez at>

> Coming back :(
> More details:
> I'm on MacOS.
> Restarting my Mac and my Internet Box and got again the same error:
> post myData to url "https://myDomain"
>   <error -Error with certificate at depth: 2 ....>
> But, executing this line of script always works:
> get shell("curl -s -d" && quote & myData & quote && "https://myDomain")
> Executing the same post via Firefox and a form always works too.
> And after some tries, the post command works again without any clue why?
> So, looks like the post command over https is not reliable on Mac !
> Same behavior with LC 5.5,  6....

​So, here is the answer form runrev support,
hoping it will ​help some of you...

I believe this issue could be related to automatic root certificate
discovery on
OSX. The below is an excerpt from the LiveCode release notes-

HTTPS – automatic root certificate discovery (4.5 – experimental)
In previous versions it was necessary to set the sslCertificates property
to the
root certificates that HTTPS connections should be verified against.
Support has
now been added to locate and load the root certificates installed (and kept
up to
date) as part of the OS.
This uses the standard root certificate keychain on Mac, the standard root
certificate store on Windows and uses a number of heuristics to locate this
information on Linux.
You can easily find out if the system-installed root certificates are being
by running the following command in the message box:
get url ""
put the result & return & it
If this results in an error about verification failure then it is likely
that root
certificates have not been found. Please let us know (particularly on
Linux) if you
find this simple test fails, making sure you give us full details of your
(e.g. Linux distribution and version).

Note: Unfortunately this feature does not currently work correctly on Mac
For now, we advise including an appropriate root certificates collection
with your
application, as was previously necessary, and setting the sslCertificates


The automatic root certificate discovery is still is experimental for Mac
OSX and
we are actively working on implementing it fully.

Another suggestion would be setting the property libUrlSetSSLVerification
to false
as this may also resolve the issue..



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