Monte's changing things again

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> Although one *could* look at this scenario as simply trying to set the filename of the image, but in this case, the filename happens to be empty.  If you couldn't set the filename of any image, what would you suggest? Having 2 types of images?  Or disallow the filename property for imported images?  That doesn't seem so great either.

Neither. Just not "overkilling" by emptying a property which is already empty.


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> On 6/23/13 5:15 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
>> Monte-
>> Sunday, June 23, 2013, 3:05:33 PM, you wrote:
>>> The first is setting an image's filename to empty when it's not a
>>> referenced image clears the image.. As it would currently return
>>> empty for the filename setting it to empty should have no effect in
>>> my opinion. This would be consistent with the way colors and
>>> patterns behave. The same issue for text of an image.
>> To put that into perspective:
>> create a new stack
>> import an image
>> set the filename of it to empty
>> The image itself is now empty
>> That just seems wrong to me.
> Yeah. Wrong.
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